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Training Program

Built and refined over a decade to work for all levels

2025 Season starting soon

A Holistic Approach

The human body is capable of incredible feats with the right nourishment, conditioning and care. Our expert coaches educate, train and support every Strider to ensure they are equipped to endure longer, go faster and be injury-free.


Start your day right

The 2024 training program runs from Feb 18 to Jun 2 and is conducted 6 days a week. A typical weekly schedule is illustrated above. Weekday training schedules are worked out between the mentors and your local cohort to accommodate everyone, but usually last about an hour. On weekends, training typically starts at 7 AM on Sundays and wraps up by 9 AM. As mileage increases in the final few weeks, it can go on for longer. Our Aid station volunteers are always there with hydration and nutrition on the trail to support us on these weekends.

Explore local trails

Training is conducted in three locations every week. Strength training happens at home over Zoom calls. For weekday workouts, Striders can choose a cohort conveniently located for them. Cohorts are spread throughout the Bay Area in Almaden Valley, Campbell / Los Gatos, Evergreen, Fremont, Mountain View / Sunnyvale / Cupertino,
Tri-Valley - Dublin / Pleasanton / San Ramon and run on a local trail in small mentor-led groups of 5-10.
On weekends, all Striders meet at one of the many beautiful Bay Area trails for a larger group session and the trails are properly marked by organizers beforehand.

We're here for you

Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to ensure you reach the finish line smiling and injury-free as we cheer you on.


Ultra-marathoners with years of experience coaching trainees at all levels


Intimate group of participants who train together locally with their mentors


Experienced Striders participants who are passionate about the impact


Dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the Striders program and its impact

The Finish Line

The Striders program is designed to prepare for the Dream Mile 5k/10k/half-marathon event, for the half-marathon distance. Registration for the race is separate from the Striders program. Coaches provide an extremely detailed guide to prepare for  race-day a week before the event. In addition, the Striders group warms up together before the race and there is a strong sense of camaraderie throughout, with Striders cheering and supporting each other the entire way! We also celebrate and congratulate Striders for the impact they have made through their fundraising efforts during the program.

It's not just exercise...

It is a way of life. We believe the benefits go far beyond those of physical health. For some, it also becomes a form of meditation, while others enjoy the thrill of accomplishment, or just the pleasure of good company. Every Strider alum comes away with an incredible appreciation of what their entire beings are capable of, and what they can accomplish with one more step. All participants that complete the program are invited to join the Striders Alumni Family (WhatsApp group) that also includes the coaches and mentors. Here we celebrate, support, guide and share in our pursuits towards improving our physical, mental and spiritual selves through this simple, but powerful sport. Many alumni have continued on to complete marathons and ultra-marathons. The gallery below highlights some of their accomplishments from previous years.

A Cautionary Note

We encourage all participants to consult a physician if they have any questions regarding their health or physical condition. All information and materials released on this site and during the training sessions are reviewed carefully for accuracy and are meant for informational purposes only. They are not intended to be a substitute for medical consultation by qualified professionals.

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