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Trial Sessions
Registrations are closed for 2024 Season.

Interested in learning more and joining our fantastic 2024 batch?

Come try us out for a weekend session or for a full week (including weekday workouts in your neighborhood and Zoom strength training sessions) and meet with our 2024 Trainees, Coaches and Mentors.

We do not allow trial sessions beyond the first 4 weeks of the season (as it would not be safe for you to jump in as the mileage starts increasing by then). Trial sessions are available only until March 18 – email us a note and one of our Vibha Striders team will contact you to chat with you and invite you to an upcoming training session./ week.

  • Do I need to register separately for the race?
    Yes, the training registration fees are only used to cover the cost of running the program. The race registration fees are individually paid separately later. We typically get a Vibha Striders discount on the race fees, but these are not guaranteed
  • I want to run a full marathon. Will I be able to do this at the end of the program?
    Vibha Striders training is designed to prepare progressively for a Half, and then potentially a Full marathon. Some seasons we also train for a full marathon. Many of our alumni go on to train for full and even ultra marathons, after training for a half marathon with us. We strongly recommend discussing with the Coaches, towards the end of the program, about your readiness and fitness level to take on training for a full marathon after the program.
  • I'm a seasoned runner. Why should I enroll into the program?
    Vibha Striders focuses on progressive, injury-free, family-knit style group training. In 2022, we also introduced Speed Coaching to increase your running pace and efficiency, A seasoned runner / walker can benefit from the structure, social element and speed coaching opportunities that the Striders program offers to take your running / walking to the next level.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    We require trainees to be 18 years of age or older.
  • When does the program start? When does it end?
    Striders training program usually is a spring/summer routine. For the 2024 season, we are starting on February 18 and wrapping up on June 2 with the Dream Mile Race.
  • I might have to miss some days or weeks of training. Can I still do this?
    Typically, it is ok to miss a few days for unavoidable reasons. If you need to miss more than that, please discuss with the Coaches. Also, it is important to not just “make up” for missed sessions by doing additional mileage - if you will miss any session(s), we urge you to talk to our Coaches who can recommend the fastest and safest way to get back on track with the other trainees.
  • What is the target race?
    The Dream Mile Race is on June 2nd, 2024
  • What is Speed Training?
    Speed Coaching, is offered to select trainees who have been walking or running regularly already. Trainees can expect to improve their ease and efficiency of running, an increase in cardiovascular fitness and confidence, and a possible improvement in performance. Our typical Speed Coaching session includes: - Dynamic warmups - Warmup run of a mile around the track - Strideouts - Main workout - Cool down run around the track/on grass if available - Stretching
  • What is Strength Training?
    Strength training focuses on bodyweight exercises for core and overall muscular strength targeted towards walkers and runners. It also covers stretching and foam rolling.
  • How many strength training sessions are conducted in a week?
    Two, Mondays and Wednesdays over Zoom
  • Can I do my weekday runs on my own, in my own time?
    Absolutely, you have the option to run with your mentor group or on your own at any time, as long as it leaves you enough time to recover for your next running/walking/strengthening session
  • Will strength training be in person or over zoom?
    Over Zoom
  • Will I be provided all the exercises to do on my own?
    Yes, we provide recorded videos of the strength training, warm ups and cool downs to do these on your own if you are unable to attend the Zoom/live sessions. We, however, recommend attending these so Coaches can observe and correct your form, as needed.
  • What if I get injured half way through?
    Our Coaches are available over email and phone for advise on any pain or injuries. Coaches will assess the injury and recommend next steps which might includes some stretches, foam rolling, recovery time off or in more serious cases seeing a doctor. Our focus is on getting every trainee across the finish line injury free but if you do get injured mid-way we will be with you through that.
  • What nutrition and gear advice is provided?
    We conduct nutrition and gear advice sessions, as well as share guides on the topic during the program.
  • I have never run a race before. How do I prepare for race day?
    We will be preparing for race day from day one. However, as we get closer to race day, Coaches will have specific talks on preparing for the big day as well as a detailed email with step by step preparation (mental, physical, gear, nutrition etc) details
  • Is raising funds compulsory?
    Yes, the fundamental reason all our volunteers put in hours and hours into this program is to raise funds for the cause we all are passionate about. Fundraising is mandatory, and to that end. We have a dedicated fundraising team who are experienced in that area and will help you reach your target with regular office hours, social media templates, setting up your campaign pages as well as individual 1:1 advise. Note that most of our new trainees are also new to fundraising but by the end of the program successfully reach their fundraising targets, and often go beyond.
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